Lets start a Network! Yes, its that simple, if you’ve got a great idea we can create and distribute it easily, affordably and reliably.


Pick from our library of networks, an array of ad insertion and transport options, add a program guide and bam… Your multi-channel TV station with ad insertion is on the air!


Need a single video feed sent to any internet address? Pick your transport preferences and DONE. Need 200 video feeds sent to 700 addresses…also done!

24x7 Monitoring!

Relax, we’ve got this. Your signals are monitored for quality and content all day every day.


Our redundant 10G network circuits, system wide UPS and 15 day backup generator ensure your signal is there when you want it… ALWAYS!


With over 25 years of experience in Broadcasting we've seen it all, and know how to adapt as needed to suit your ever changing needs.

Meet the TV Masters Team

Brian - CEO and Master of None

Supports our team, develops new clients and business, and also serves as RF engineer, for our transmitter installation & support service. He likes to ski on water & snow, uses his ham license to provide volunteer emergency communciations, and his pilots license to be onsite wherever our clients need him to be—and for fun of course.

James - Master of Infrastructure

Ensures everything stays cool, secure, and stable even during the stormiest of seasons. He enjoys the great outdoors, and is a professional kayaker on his days off.

Carlos - Master of Video Engineering

Maintains more than 700 streams, going to 200 tv stations, efficiently and consistently. He has BS in Electrical Engineering, and is pursuing his Masters in his free time.

Zach - Master of Control

Manages our team of content curators and signal watchers who ensure your ads and enertainment air as scheduled. Zach spends his days off on his Harley, seeking the ultimate stretch of highway under the perfect sky.

Stephen - Master of Social Media

Creates promotional material, expanding our online presence, engaging new clients, and keeping our growing number of followers informed and entertained. Stephen has studied television/radio production and live broadcasting since his high school days at historic WNAS. He now has his hands full raising 4 children with his finance of 7 years who all love to camp, travel, and spend time with their extended family.

Let's get down to business!